torsdag 1. mai 2008

I'm a shaaaark

I am going CRAZY!
I've been up since maybe 9 (actually I was dead tired after Henriette's B-day yesterday, but I couldn't sleep) and since 10, I've been sitting on the computer editing the yearbook. And that is one heck of a job! The clock is almost seven now, and I don't feel I've even started! Omg! >.<
I still only listen to Jason Mraz. He's fantastic! I have a new favourite song, tho. Actually two.. "Please don't tell her" and "Did you get my message" (i'll add te movies at the end of this blog.)
So.. 1st of May.. No school, that's great, but the weather outside sucks! It has been raining the whole day, and that doesn't make me much happier to put it that way.. i am going to the movies later, maybe that will help. Of course it is a spanish movia, haha. That's Marianne, you know.. And btw, My 1000pieces puzzle is HARD!!! I can't do it!:O K, gottago, kthnxbie!
Did you get my message:

Please Don't Tell her:

And for the fun of it:

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