lørdag 26. april 2008


Yaay, I'm soon done with the theater! Well.. Maybe not "yaay", but almost. I will miss the other ones if I don't continue, but I will NOT miss Nathalie (my teacher) and some of the others (without mentioning names).
But I love theater, so I don't think I'm going to quit.

Soo, now I've been to a flee-market (?) and bought myself two LPs and a puzzle with (hopefully) 1000 pieces, so I have a lot to do:P
I'm having my last performance tomorrow, and the we are going to the movies:D (Be kind, rewind) And then I'm going to sleep for like two days or something.. *tireeeed*

Oh, I have a new obsession: Jason Mraz!! My sister started to listen to him, and I didn't like him, but, heh, now I don't listen to anything else:P He has such a beautiful voice! Almost like Damien Rice!
I'll just post one of his songs here:

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