onsdag 23. april 2008

Math End Of Term-test

Omg! My math end of term-test is today!
I've used the whole day for studying, but I feel like I don't know anything! Well, I felt a little better when I found out I maybe have more right on the last math test than I thought I had.
I should go to sleep now.. The clock is 00.36, and I am tired as hell! But I feel I should read more...
Bah, to hell with it! It will go bad anyways.. I always manage to get a brainblock under my test >.< I thik I at least should bring some coffee..

I haven't been blogging for some time now, because of all these tests.. I don't like them! I can be the #1 geek in class, but on the tests, my brain stops working and I get a total blackout.. I feel that they test our capability to remember, not our skills...

So, new topic..
My theatre performance is coming up! This weekend actually. This will be the first time we've performed it twice, so this will be exciting! (Oh, I smell bread.. :O)
I think I may be skipping theatre next year and focus more at school.. I have a job as well, AND I am going to start to draw again.. :D:D

So, before I say good night, here's a poem (or... at least a part of a book or something..):

Smoke-filled bars where lost week-ends
could stretch out for years and clubs
where people couldn't stop dancing
even when their feet left bloody markets
on the dance floor

Markets where you sould sell
any part of your body, mind and soul.

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