tirsdag 15. april 2008

I'm dead!

I just made a facebook page for Magnus.. He doesn't know yet, bt one day he has got to find it out.. And when he does, I will be somewhere far, far away..haha..

Right now, I'm comparing CNN and BBC.. umh.. They are both news pages... aaand.... The have cool layouts, woho.

I am waiting for the bell to ring.. in 5 minutes or so... Then I and Sigrid are going to the canteen to buy her a cup of tea and a cake..^^ As usual.. Because it is TEA CAKE TUESDAY! :D

And oh, I am wearing my new dress today!!! I am sooo happy:D And of course, it's already broken.. haha, my mom was right, one of the straps were bound to break! XD So now I have a safetypin on my back, and I walk aroud waiting for it to puncture my back.. >.<>

Tomorrow I am going to the funeral of Arne, my uncle's fater. He died of cancer I think, and it is very sad.. He was a great man! But therefore, i might not write tomorrow. It'll be a looong day I guess... But we will se what happens. I might skip the theater tomorrow, and then I will be home earlier.. But then I don't get my free "børek" from Jarle (if he works alone tomorrow.. we'll see)

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