mandag 14. april 2008

Monday blues...

Aaah, Summer!
I'ts 20 degrees C. outside, the sun is shining, people are skipping school to sit under a tree in the park and play guitar..

In some other country, not here.

It's maybe 5 degrees outide, sun sometimes, and people are wearing WAY too much clothes! I want to wear my new beautiful dress, but I think it's a bit too cold.. Maybe tomorrow.... I WANT TO WEAR IT!!! (pic soon)

But anyways.. It's Monday, and as all Mondays, this is a crappy day. Or.. not THAt crappy, but hey, it's a Monday! I am tired and want coffee, but I must go out with my dog first.. And I want to wear my new dress.. :/

Vilhelm gives me a hard time with some quizzes.. Let's share:
(This one is easy): You light ten candles in a house. Three of the flames are put out. how many lights do you have left at the end of the day?

I won't tell you the answer, haha!

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

skriv på norsk!!

Admin sa...

Jeg skriver på engelsk fordi teitinger som deg, som ikke kan engelsk, ikke skal lese det som står.

Anonym sa...

vel, når du ikke en gang klarer å skrive 100% riktig engelsk, så kanskje du burde skrive på norsk?

Ragzzz sa...

Jeg skriver på engelsk fordi jeg liker det. Om ting er 100% riktig eller ikke, så driter jeg i det. Jeg lærer jo uansett. Og dessuten, hvos det irriterer deg så jævlig, så slutt og les bloggen min! jeez


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