lørdag 3. mai 2008


I just signed up for Changemaker (http://www.changemaker.no) and I charge YOU to do the same! I costs 5o NOK, and that's nothing!
If you dont know what changemaker is, I'll tell you:
Changemaker is an organisation for people that care about the world. Fair trade products and no norwegian weapons in war are just two of the things they try to do something about. It is almost like "Natur og Ungdom" (http://nu.no) but NU is more concerned of the enviroment.
I just feel so good when I know I can do something about the world! I have thought of signing up for this for so long now, so I am glad I did.
And now, for something completely else: The pic of the day:
This pic is placed outside my school. I just love it!:-D

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