tirsdag 21. april 2009


Thea Margrethe vise meg en ny side der man chatter med fremmede. Jeg elsker den!:

Me: Hi!
Stranger: hey
You: I like urtles
You: turtles*
Stranger: Yes.....i have one in my ass right now
You: oh
You: tell me more
Stranger: Well.....i was out doing some gardening.....
You: ok?
Stranger: And its a nice sunny day so im wearing shorts
You: yeah
Stranger: Im kneeling over to do some digging
You: and then? :D
Stranger: And suddenly i feel something strange below
You: haha
Stranger: I scratch my ass
You: I have heard they are gay
Stranger: and i thought nothing of it
You: hm. weird
You: what's it called?
Stranger: When i got home to take a shit....
Stranger: The goddamned tutle shot out my ass
You: hahaha
You: that's a bugger
Stranger: i went doctor...
Stranger: And apparently there is a whole goddamned family of them up there!!!
You: and?
You: hahaha
You: does it hurt?
You: or do you like it?
Stranger: Well WHAT DO YOU THINK?!!!!!
You: idk?
Stranger: I can feel them moving around in there
You: ooh
You: I love you
You: ♥
Stranger: Moving furniture and stuff!!!
You: are they moving in for real??
Stranger: I keep telling them to lift the chairs if they are going to move them around
Stranger: Goddamned Turtles!!!!
Stranger: they are selfish
You: ah. But do they play loud music?
You: My turtles do
Stranger: Well yes they do
You: Like Guns n' roses and Metal
You: They seem to liek it
Stranger: What....you have turtles in your ass too?
You: no, but in my brain
Stranger: Ahhh
You: they talk to me...
Stranger: Would that be a female brain or a male brain?
You: female
You: or a bit male
You: something weird happened during birth
Stranger: Which is it byatch?!!!!!
You: what?
You: I have boobs
Stranger: Well i guess that means your a chick!!!
You: yeah
You: I guess..
Stranger: Yes i do why?
You: I was just wondering,....
You: What about turtles?
You: Like.. after the accident
Stranger: Why....you think im a mouse or something
You: nooo
Stranger: Well i we get along fine now
You: Y

Stranger: I charge them rent
You: nice
Stranger: So no worries
You: Do you want top marry me?
Stranger: Yeh why not
You: yaaay
You: I am already engaged, though.
Stranger: I think this cuts off after a while
You: But I think he has a "friend"
You: hm
Stranger: Im new to this
You: I love you
You: what's your name
Stranger: Yeh ok you said that already
You: I want to talk dirty to you
Stranger: Great
You: whats your name?
Stranger: but wouldnt it be better to exchange contacts?
You: well, yeah
You: but I want to know your name!
Stranger: This thing could cut off any moment
You: Can I call you Bob?
You: Or Pete?
Stranger: no
You: Or maybe Nils?
Stranger: fuck no
You: Or Bjørn?
Stranger: Im not Norwegian
You: What about Ragnhild? Thats Norwegian for "manly"
You: I am
Stranger: yes......i think i know you
You: oh?
You: What's your name?
Stranger: Andy
You: Warhol?
You: :D
Stranger: Oh thats reallll funny!!!!!


Osv. Jeg skal gifte meg med han! :D

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Marit sa...

haha, så jævlig bra! :D

Anonym sa...

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